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Graduate Students


  • He, Mosi
  • Xie, Dongyue (Joint-PhD Scheme with Nanjing Univeristy, supervisor: Professor Chen, Hua)
  • Zhang, Ting
  • Wang, Qiuchen
  • Zhu, Siyan


  • Fan, Yiting



  • Hua, Congchao
    Dissertation title: Acquisition of Prosodic Marking of Information Status by Mandarin-speaking EFL Learners.
  • Shao, Jing
    Dissertation title: Perception and Production of Chinese Coronal Sibilants by Korean Learners of Chinese.
  • Hong, Wei
    Co- Supervisor under Joint-PhD Scheme with China (Principal supervisor: Professor Pan, Haihua)
    Dissertation title: A study of L2 acquisition of near-synonyms in Mandarin Chinese.


  • Wang Jinyao
    Entering tones in modern Jin dialect from a sociophonetic perspective.
  • Yang Jiahui
    Teaching English pronunciation to young students in China: textbooks and teacher education.
  • Ren, Xingpei
    Mandarin tone perception and production by early and late Thai bilinguals.
  • Chen, Xinghai
    Teaching English vocabulary to university in China.
  • Masroor, Ali Sufi
    Analysis on common errors in English writing tasks of higher secondary- level students in Bangladesh.
  • Ye, Yuan
    Teaching Chinese quantitative adverbs to Thai students.
  • Xu, Jiayun
    Communicative Language Teaching or Task-based Language Teaching - Incidental Vocabulary Learning in TEFL in China.
  • Cui, Yingting
    The relationship between English words reading and phonological awareness in ESL Mandarin - Cantonese speakers.
  • Leung, Agnes
    Using popular culture to enhance Hong Kong secondary school students’ motivation of learning English.
  • Zhang, Zheng
    Strategies of learning Chinese characters by CSL/ CFL learners of short-term exchange programs.

Visiting Students


  • Wenren, Xing
    Zhejiang University, China/ Professor Pang, Jixian
    Jul. 2009—Dec. 2009. 
    Teacher- student interaction in classroom and its pedagogical implications
  • Qin, Zuxuan
    Tongji University, China/ Professor Ma, Qiuwu
    Sep. 2011—Feb. 2012
    Prosodic boundaries in spontaneous speech in Sichuan dialects
  • Rong, Rong
    Nankai University, China/ Professor Shi, Feng
    Mar. 2012—Aug. 2012
    Voice quality and phonation types     


  • Xiao, Yu
    Shandong University, China/ Professor Liu, Zhenqian
    Sep. 2011—Feb. 2012
    Politeness strategies in online instant messaging by teenagers in China

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  • Final-year Project & Extended Final-year Project (Course Coordinator);
  • Professional Internship I & II (Coordinator and Examiner);
  • The World through Languages (GE2124);
  • Introduction to Linguistics;
  • Linguistics I & II;
  • Introduction to Language Studies;
  • Second Language Acquisition;
  • Practical Translation: Chinese-to-English;
  • Academic Writing Workshop (Tutorials);
  • Language in Society;
  • Many Faces of Languages (Tutorials);
  • Sociolinguistics.


  • Second Language Pronunciation Acquisition;
  • Language Teaching;
  • Translation Methodology;
  • Language, Cognition & Culture;
  • Contrastive Studies of Chinese and English Grammar;
  • Introduction to Language and the Law(guest lecture).  

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Review of journal articles

  • Language Learning
  • PLOS One
  • Journal of World Languages
  • Language and Speech
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Applied Psycholinguistics
  • Modern Language Journal
  • Linguistics and Human Sciences
  • Cogent Education
  • Current Research in Chinese Linguistics
  • LSHK Outstanding Student Papers/Thesis Award
  • Speech Prosody, Interspeech, APSIPA



  • ExCom member, the Linguistics Society of Hong Kong, http://www.lshk.org
  • Council member, the Association for the Mondernization of Chinese Language Education, http://www.amcle.org
  • ExCom member, the International Association of Chinese Linguistics, http://www.iacling.org/
  • Council member, the Pronunciation Teaching and Phonetic Research Committee, China Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese

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Contact Info.


  • Office:   YEUNG-B7610
  • Phone:  (852) 3442 6267
  • Fax:      (852) 3442 0359
  • Email:   binli2@cityu.edu.hk


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