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  • Phonetic and phonological characteristics of workplace English produced by university graduates in Hong Kong. The Standing Committee of Language Education and Research, the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Government (SCOLAR of EDB). (Co-I: Dr. Jackie Xiu Yan) ON-GOING.
  • Phonetic Cues to the Interpretation of Cantonese Particles. CityU Strategic Research Grant (SRG) 09/2017-8/2019. (Co-I: Dr. Lee Po Lun Peppina)
  • A cross-disciplinary approach to examining dyslexia in Chinese-English bilingual population: a case study on Broca’s aphasia. CLASS Capacity Building Grant 2016/17. (Co-I: Dr. Zhang Wei)
  • An investigation of strategies and methods in learning Chinese vocabulary by Non-Chinese speaking students in Hong Kong, the Standing Committee of Language Education and Research, the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Government. (Co-I: Dr. LUN, Suen Caesar; Dr. WONG, Pui Kwong)
  • CityU Strategic Research Grant (SRG), Prosody and pragmatics of utterance-final particles enhancing speaker involvement in Mandarin and Cantonese. (Co-I: Dr. LEE, Po Lun Peppina)
  • Development of Sensitivity to Phonetic Correlates of Tones, CityU CLASS Internal Funding.
  • Perception of Accent in Learner English: Effects of Prosodic Characteristics and Native Language, CityU Strategic Research Grant. (Co-I: CHEUNG, Yuk Man)
  • Cross-language Perception of Affricates and Fricatives: Chinese and Korean, CTL Small Scale Research Grant. (Co-I: OH, Sunyoung)
  • Effectiveness of Acoustic Cues in the Perception of Mandarin Tones by Other Tonal Language Speaker, CityU Research Project - Infrastructure Account of CHASS.
  • Effects of Phonological and Phonetic Factors on Perception of Nonnative Contrasts by Chinese speakers, CityU Strategic Research Grant. (Co-I: WAYLAND, Ratree)
  • Prosody and Contextual Cues of Utterance-final Particle NE and A in Putonghua, CityU Start-up Grant.
  • Clear Speech Effects in Second Language Speech Perception in Noise, CityU Strategic Research Grant. (Co-I: WAYLAND, Ratree)
  • Effects of Audiovisual Training in the Perception of English [l] and [n] by Cantonese Learners, Infrastructure Grant of the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences.


  • Initiating second stories in Chinese conversation. CityU SRG. 9/2017-8/2019. (PI: Dr. Zhang Wei)
  • Promoting Codification of Cantonese through Jyutping and Terminology Standardization. CityU UGC Knowledge Transfer Earmarked Fund. 07/2018- 06/2019. (PI: Dr. Lun Suen Caesar, Co-I: Dr. Lee Po Lun Peppina)
  • Diversity and Inclusion at City University of Hong Kong: A Study of Sustainability from Social Perspective. CityU 4th Round of the Campus Sustainability Fund. (PI: Dr.CHAN, Ho Man)
  • An Investigation of the Techniques for Initiating Self-repair in Chinese Conversation. CityU Strategic Research Grant. (PI: Dr. ZHANG, Wei)
  • A Comparative Study of University Students' Chinese and English Abilities: Towards an Analytic Framework of Language Ability. CityU Strategic Research Grant. (PI: Dr. WONG, Pui Kwong)
  • A Discourse and Genre Analyses on Company Annual Reports in Chinese. CLASS Research Grant. (PI: Dr. Wong Pui Kwong)

External Investigator

  • 两岸书卷字今音异同专题研究,厦门大学史晓东教授,国家社会科学基金重点项目。(A comparative study on the historical changes in the pronunciation of Chinese characters in Mainland and Taiwan. PI: Prof. Shi Xiaodong, Xiamen University, China. National Key Social Science Project.)

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Post-Doc Fellow

  • Dr. GUAN Qianwen
  • Dr. YI Aiwen

Senior Research Assistant/Associate

  • Dr. LI Yee Na Lina

Research Assistant/Associate

  • FAN Zixia
  • GUAN Yihan

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CityU Leader

  • Enriching Senior Year Places Students' Learning Experience through Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities in Hong Kong's Universities, UGC Funding Scheme for Teaching & Learning Related Proposals 2016-2019. (Project Leader and PI: Dr. CHEUNG Kin, PolyU)

    Click to check out a series of interactive videos with key information and tips for learning and life at CityU. (The producer and cast were CityU students.)


  • (Re)discovering Hong Kong through surveying its linguistic landscape. CityU Teaching Development Grant. 06/2018-12/2019. (Co-Is: Dr. Lun Suen Caesar, Dr. Chan Yuet Hung Cecilia, Dr. Lee Po Lun Peppina; Overseas collaborators: Dr. Ratree Wayland, Dr. Priyankoo Sarmah, Dr. Peng Xin)

    Click to browse a beta version of our interactive map of Hong Kong's linguistic landscape. The map is joint work by students in GE2124, LT2203 and LT4226. To retrieve relevant photos, type in a place name, a language/dialect, or a sociolinguistic term; or click the map to browse.

  • Discovery and collaborative learning through the development of a multilingual and multipurpose resource pool. CityU Teaching Development Grant.2016-17. (Co-I: Dr.LUN, Suen Caesar; Dr. ZHANG, Wei; Mr. AU, Kim Lung Kenneth)
  • Game- enriched teaching and learning of language sciences. CityU Idea Incubator Scheme. 2015.
  • LT Newpaths Workshop Series and Contest. The Career and Leadership Fund (the 2nd round) by the Office of Student Development Services, CityU. 2015. (For students' activities.)
  • Developing a self- discovery learning strategy through watching TV. CityU Teaching Development Grant. 2014.
  • Funding to Disseminating DEC Practices at Conference 2013-14, the Office of the Provost, 2014.
  • Bringing Collaboration on (White)Board. CityU DEC Technology Adoption Grants for Teaching Innovation. http://issuu.com/cityuhkocio/docs/newsletter_issue_14


  • OBTL Implementation Project-Assessment of PILOs of CTL graduates, CityU EDGE. (PI: CHAN,Yuet Hung Cecilia)

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