Dr. Bin Li(李彬)




  •  Office:   YEUNG-B7610
  •  Phone:  (852) 3442 6267
  •  Fax:      (852) 3442 0359
  •  Email:   binli2@um.cityu.edu.hk


My main research interests are cross-language speech perception and production, second language teaching and learning, psycholinguistics. My projects mainly focus on how L2 learners understand and learn non-native speech sounds, and also on how laboratory training affects learners' performance. Over the years, I have found particular interests in the acquisition of consonants and tones, as well as the implication to L2 pronunciation pedagogy. Recently I have also started exploring prosody in advanced learner English, and speaking under various emotionaland physical settings. Relevant resources can be found at L2phon.LT.cityu.edu.hk.

My teaching interests are much more diverse. Subjects I have taught include general linguistics, second language acquisition, TESOL, sociolinguistics, comparative linguistics, and translation methodology. I am keen on promoting linguistics in GE and summer programs. I am also open-minded to experimenting innovative methods in classroom to enhance general learning. Click to browse a beta version of our interactive map of Hong Kong’s linguistic landscape, presenting photos and description from students’ field trips. Click to check out a series of interactive videos with key information and tips for learning and life at CityU. (The producer and cast were CityU students.)



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